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“No, let me do it myself!” Does this sound familiar? Well, it is the rallying cry of preschoolers everywhere. Young children, all around the world want the same thing. They want us to help them, to help themselves!

Maria Montessori believed that every child is born with a potential for independence. Unfortunately, the child’s yearning for independence often clashes with the way we adults want things done. We want it done well but more importantly we want it done quickly!  We seem to forget what if feels like to be a child.

A child’s drive for independence begins around the age of two and usually begins with self-reliance skills. Your little child wants to do almost everything for himself, or at least it seems like that some days! Our young preschoolers are particularly on the lookout for new challenges. Like getting on and off our prized rocking chair or helping to make that chocolate cake. These are good things to encourage, even if it means constantly monitoring them getting on and off that rocking chair and a few elusive egg shells in the cake mix.

“Every unnecessary help is a hindrance to development.” This is an important saying - one that should completely transform the way we raise young children. A child whose need for independence is met without any struggles is a much more even-keeled and confident child. We see the truth in this everyday at Montessori & Me. Our Practical Life exercises are at the very heart of a Montessori education. Independence is encouraged in every possible way as our your children pour liquids, polish brass, sweep and dust, button up their coats and lace up their shoes. Besides developing inner aptitudes of calmness, order, concentration, coordination and fine motor skills, our children begin to grow in independence, self-confidence and self-respect. This is only because we let them!

At Montessori & Me we only act for the children when it is necessary for their safety or well-being. “Help the child to help himself” is the basis of the Montessori philosophy and is a core element of a Montessori education at Montessori & Me.

Patrice Levin

Founder - Montessori & Me

“The child has to acquire physical independence by being self-sufficient; he must become of independent will by using in freedom his own power of choice; he must become capable of independent thought by working alone without interruption.”

  1. -Dr. Maria Montessori

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